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Initiatives related to ESG

As an asset management company for MORI TRUST Sogo Reit, Inc., we, MORI TRUST Asset Management Co., Ltd. recognize that efforts to improve sustainability such as environmental consideration, contribution to society and strengthening corporate governance though our asset management operations are essential for growing unitholders' value in the mid-to-long term run. We hereby establish the "Sustainability Policy" and aim to implement it.

Sustainability Policy

(1) Promoting energy saving and GHGs emissions reduction

In our asset management operations, we make efforts to reduce CO2 emissions through energy conservation by promoting efficient energy use at our assets under management as well as introducing equipment and facilities that contribute to energy conservation and low carbonization.

(2) Contributing to recycle-oriented society

We strive to contribute to realizing sustainable recycle-oriented society through implementing measures to make effective use of limited resources, such as water saving and "3Rs" for reducing wastes, i.e., reduce, reuse, recycle.

(3) Streamlining internal management system and strengthening compliance

We establish internal management system to effectively promote initiatives based on this policy and strictly comply with laws and regulations including environmental and social matters. In addition, we promote sustainability initiatives by improving employees' awareness and performance by continually implementing educational and awareness-raising activities focused on environment, society, and governance (ESG).

(4) Collaborating with external stakeholders

We make efforts to contribute to reducing environmental impact of our assets under management, improving tenants' satisfaction and developing sustainable local communities through engaging and collaborating with external stakeholders such as our tenants/occupiers, suppliers (e.g. property management companies) and local communities.

(5) Disclosing ESG information

We strive to proactively disclose ESG information such as this policy and status of sustainability initiatives to build good relationships and communicate with stakeholders such as our unitholders, tenants and suppliers.

Meeting for promotion of sustainability

To systematically promote initiatives for ESG, the "meeting for promotion of sustainability" is held periodically. Specific future goals are set, progress is checked, and environmental monitoring evaluations of properties held are conducted continuously, among other activities.

Employee training on sustainability

To spread the awareness of sustainability among employees, employee training on sustainability is provided periodically by inviting outside consulting companies as part of the environmental educational and awareness-raising activities.

Sustainability Report

We published a "Sustainavility Report" that provides comprehensive information about the ESG approach and activities.

Sustainability Report (April 2020)PDF(1.1MB)