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A-2ON Building

Property Features

The Osaki area where this property is located is regarded as one of the subcenters of Tokyo and even among them, its development has been particularly remarkable. The area is occupied by a number of modern and large-scale office buildings. Efforts are also being made to enhance business-oriented functions and co-locate high-rise condominiums and retail facilities.
This property is located on the east side of Osaki Station, next to the Meguro River, on the bank of which cherry trees stretch out. It was built as the Osaki Business Garden together with Osaki MT Bldg. which is also owned by MTR. Its site has an open space full of greenery, worthy of the name "Garden", and provides a peaceful office environment. With reflective glass on its exterior, this property is also a distinguished office building in terms of design.

Location (address) 5-9-12, Kita-shinagawa, Sinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Land area 10,850.67㎡ (Note)
Total floor space 32,812.27㎡
Structure Steel frame, steel-framed reinforced concrete structure flat roof, 21 floors above ground, 2 floors below ground
Time of construction November 1990
Ownership form Building: Owned
Land: Owned
(Note 1)The land area of the ON Building is the total of three lots (10,850.67 ㎡) to which the trustee of a trust with MTR as the sole beneficiary holds co-owned interest, and the trustee holds the co-owned interest of 840,139/1,000,000.
MTR holds the remaining co-owned interest as the premises of Osaki MT Building.
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Press Release

Press Release

June 30, 2020
Notice of Acquisition of DBJ Green Building Certification PDF(PDF:251KB)
August 27, 2008
Acquisition of Asset (Conclusion of a Contract) – ON building PDF(PDF:207KB)