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Property Features

This property is located approximately two kilometers to the west of Shonandai Station on the Okakyu Enoshima Line, the Sotetsu Izumino Line and the Yokohama Municipal Subway in the Chuo area of Kanagawa Prefecture where industries and academic research institutes, in addition to residences, have accumulated. This area is easy to approach from all directions as it is close to the nodes of major roads such as Prefectural Road 43 and Route 467.
The building is a large shopping center with five floors above ground, a total floor space of 53,000 ㎡, a parking space for approximately 1,500 cars and an attractive specialty store zone. In the surrounding areas, housing land development is in progress thanks to land readjustment projects.

Location (address) 6-2-1 Ishikawa, Fujisawa, Kanagawa
Land area 35,209.93㎡
Total floor space 53,393.66㎡ (Note)
Structure Steel frame structure flat roof, 5 floors above ground
Time of construction November 2002
Ownership form Building: Owned
Land: Owned
(Note 1)The total floor area includes 54.88 ㎡ of an attached structure.
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