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A-7Hiroo MTR Building

Property Features

This property is located in the Hiroo region, known as one of the leading upscale residential districts in Japan. Housing embassies and universities, it has a great international atmosphere. Among other features, this property has excellent visibility from its location on Gaien Nishi Dori street. Its substantial exterior look based on stone-pitched walls adds an upscale image and presence to the property. In addition, the property is conveniently located in terms of public transport. From the nearest Hiro-o station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Ebisu station and Roppongi station are just one sope away. Numerous bus services are also available.
The property has seven aboveground floors and one basement. With a total floor area of more than 2,000 tsubo, it is a medium-sized office building. The standard floor area exceeds 180 tsubo. It has great competitiveness in the Hiroo district, where there are a large number of small-sized buildings with standard floor areas of less than 100 tsubo.

Location (address) 2-36-13, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Land area 1,671.79㎡ (Note)
Total floor space 6,709.80㎡
Structure Steel frame and steel-reinforced concrete, 7 floors above ground and one underground floor
Time of construction November 1992
Ownership form Building: Owned
Land: Owned
(Note 1)Including the burden of the private road in an area of 17.93 ㎡.
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Press Release

Press Release

July 31, 2018
Notice Concerning Change of Asset Name PDF(PDF:44.0KB)
December 26, 2017
Acquisition of Asset - Hiroo SK Building PDF(PDF:254KB)