Fundamental Policies

Fundamental Principles

Based on stable investment mostly concentrated in office buildings that generate a stable cash flow and in hotels with growth potential over the midium and long term, MORI TRUST REIT invests with the aim of earning stable income gains and steadily growing portfolio.

Investment Policies

Concentrate investment in high-quality assets with a focus on asset potential, which is the essential value of real estate

Use of investment

MORI TRUST REIT pursues both stability and growth potential using offices that create stable cash flow and hotels having growth potential as core assets.

Core assets Office 40 - 80%
Hotels 20 - 55%
Other (Retail facilities, Residential) Up to 30%

Area of investment

Promoting stable investment over the medium and long term with focus on office buildings in the Central Tokyo and on hotels located in "major cities in Japan" and "famous tourist areas" as an area where the stable attraction of customers can be expected in the future.

Central Tokyo 60% or more
(metropolitan area, ordinance-designated cities, etc.)
Up to 40%
Major cities in Japan
Famous tourist areas
No investment ratio for hotels are set for the individual investment area

Minimum amount of investment per unit of investment property

Use (area category) Minimum investment value
Office Central Tokyo 5 billion yen in principle
Other 3 billion yen in principle
Hotels 1 billion yen in principle
Retail facilities 3 billion yen in principle
(Note) Use of investment, Area of investment, Minimum amount of investment per unit of investment property are calculated by an anticipated acquisition price

Hotel investment target (grade)

MORI TRUST REIT categorizes the grade of investment real estate into six types: "luxury," "upper upscale," "upscale" "upper midscale" "midscale" and "economy." It invests in the top four categories in a focused manner.

Focused investment targets

Luxury Guestroom area: 40㎡-
ADR: 40,000 yen -
Upper upscale Guestroom area:30 - 40㎡
ADR: 30,000 - 40,000 yen
Upscale Guestroom area:20 - 30㎡
ADR: 20,000 - 30,000 yen
Upper midscale Guestroom area: 15 - 20㎡
ADR: 10,000 - 20,000 yen
Midscale Guestroom area:10~15㎡
ADR: - 10,000 yen
Economy Guestroom area: - 10㎡
ADR: - 10,000 yen