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Status of loans and bonds

As of September 30, 2018

Status of loans and bonds

Total interest-bearing liabilities (million yen) 155,000
  Short-term loans 5,000
  Long-term loans (including long-term loans due within one year) 138,000
  Investment corporation bonds (including investment corporation bonds due within one year) 12,000
LTV (Loan To Value ratio) 47.1%
Long-term interest-bearing liabilities ratio (including loans expected to be repaid or redeemed within one year) 96.8%
Fixed interest-bearing liabilities ratio 96.8%
Average interest for borrowings during fiscal period 0.59%
  Short-term loans 0.18%
  Long-term loans and investment corporation bonds 0.61%
Average duration of interest-bearing liabilities (years) 3.0

Changes in interest-bearing liability balance and LTV at end of fiscal period

(million yen)

Repayment schedule diversification

(million yen)