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Financial Materials

  Summary of Financial Results Presentation Materials for Financial Results Audited Financial Statements
14th Fiscal Period
(Ended February 2023)
13th Fiscal Period
(Ended August 2022)
PDF (657KB) PDF (6.5MB) PDF(992KB)
12th Fiscal Period
(Ended February 2022)
PDF(959KB) PDF (6.4MB) PDF(1.4MB)
11th Fiscal Period
(Ended August 2021)
PDF(968KB) PDF (9.8MB) PDF(1.3MB)
10th Fiscal Period
(Ended February 2021)
PDF(541KB) PDF (3.8MB) PDF(3.2MB)
9th Fiscal Period
(Ended August 2020)
PDF(349KB) PDF (3.9MB) PDF(3.2MB)
8th Fiscal Period
(Ended February 2020)
PDF(346KB) PDF (4.0MB) PDF(1.5MB)
7th Fiscal Period
(Ended August 2019)
PDF(398KB) PDF (5.1MB) PDF(1.2MB)
6th Fiscal Period
(Ended February 2019)
PDF(152KB) PDF (3.9MB) PDF(1.0MB)
5th Fiscal Period
(Ended August 2018)
PDF(280KB) PDF (3.6MB) PDF(1.9MB)
4th Fiscal Period
(Ended February 2018)
PDF(280KB) PDF (3.6MB) PDF(1.9MB)
3rd Fiscal Period
(Ended August 2017)
PDF(153KB) PDF (13.6MB) PDF(562KB)
2nd Fiscal Period
(Ended February 2017)
PDF(151KB) PDF (10.3MB) PDF(1.5MB)

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